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CIB Media's selection of documentary American military UNIT and CAMPAIGN history books and videos is one of the largest available anywhere: Army and Marine Corps division histories; Bomb Group and Fighter Group histories; Naval Warfare and Warship histories; Histories of America's major campaigns in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, we are adding new titles weekly.


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UNEXPECTED STORM: GULF WAR LEGACY. An honest, true to life portrait of America's civilian soldiers, the Reserves, in war. A heart-rending drama from start to finish. DESERT STORM, Gulf War One. --PRICE REDUCED 40%--

Click to Enlarge--CLEARANCE SALE ITEM--ORIGINAL HARDCOVER EDITIONS THE UNEXPECTED STORM: The Gulf War Legacy, by Steven Manchester. DESERT STORM, Gulf War One. The Unexpected Storm is Steven Manchester's personal account of his experiences before, during, and after the 1991 Gulf War. The author was a member of the 661st Military Police Company, a Massachusetts National Guard unit called to duty for the Gulf War.

This is a compelling tale of friends made and lost, battles anticipated but never fought, and promises broken. After months of preparation in the desert and after only 100 hours of actual warfare, most soldiers returned to the US apparently whole and unharmed. What they brought with them as a result of experimental vaccines, radioactive depleted uranium, and pent-up rage is just beginning to surface. Hard cover. 221 pages. B/w photos.

Stealing away the last remnants of innocence, Steve and his friends witness the after-effects of 41 days of uninterrupted bombing. It is as if someone raises the curtain to hell, permitting everyone a free show. It is literally hell on earth.

Operation Desert Storm was a war like no other. Soldiers of the Gulf War were given thorough physical examinations, pronounced fit for combat, trained to fight, and sent into a hostile environment to defeat Saddam Hussein?s forces. Upon arrival, most were forced to wait and watch as technology did their job. After months of exposure to biological and chemical warfare, and only 100 hours of ground fighting, most soldiers returned to civilian life without so much as a token physical exam. What they brought with them as a result of experimental vaccines, radioactive depleted uranium, and pent-up rage, is just beginning to surface.

REVIEWS: "No 20th century American military studies collection can be considered complete without the inclusion of Steven Manchester's The Unexpected Storm."___Midwest Book Review, March 2001

"An eye-opener of the first degree. 'The Unexpected Storm' is a highly recommended read which will make you want to contact your elected representative and demand that government policies dealing with wartime veterans be changed to truly reflect the thanks of a grateful nation."___Gosport, base newspaper for the NAS Pensacola, FL

"An honest, true to life portrait of America's civilian soldiers, the Reserves, during a time of war. A heart-rending drama from start to finish"___Scott O'Hara, reviewer,

"An accurate, honest portrayal of what happens as boys grow from playing soldier to learning to avoid danger.?___Kenneth Weiss, Psy.D., Harvard Medical School

...much more than a war story...I could not put it down...a work of inspiration.___Daniel F. Calis, Jr., Captain, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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