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MORE THAN A SOLDIER'S WAR: PACIFICATION IN VIETNAM. An Unusual & Insightful Eyewitness Account of the War from a Principal U.S. Military Advisor to Vietnamese District and Provincial Chiefs. -- CLEARANCE SALE -- 70% DISCOUNT!!

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MORE THAN A SOLDIER'S WAR: PACIFICATION IN VIETNAM. An Unusual & Insightful Eyewitness Account of the War from a Principal U.S. Military Advisor to Vietnamese District and Provincial Chiefs. by Col. Ed Metzner, the American most decorated by the RVN, who spent seven years as U.S. Advisor to district and provincial chiefs. This eyewitness account vividly describes Americans' efforts to save lives, shield the innocent and provide hope for security and peace. Individual Vietnamese emerge as greedy, imperious, selfless & patriotic. 6"x9". 224 pages. 12 b&w photos. 5 maps. Indexed. . -- SALE--WAS $29.95; NOW JUST $15.00-- Original hardcover editions at a softcover price!

REVIEWS: More Than a Soldier's War is a powerful, affecting story of distinguished service up to a tragic end. . . . It is a splendid account . . . Moreover, it is exceedingly thoughtful, and fascinating to boot."?Robert W. Komer, former Assistant to President Johnson and Chief Advisor on Pacification to the Government of Vietnam

Throughout the Vietnam War, American military personnel waged a little-known battle to bring humanitarian aid to the Vietnamese people and encourage opposition to the Viet Cong and the North. It was called the Pacification Program, and Col. Edward Metzner spent seven years fighting for its goal.

More Than a Soldier's War is Metzner's vivid and personal account of his efforts to save lives from the grinding daily carnage, shield the innocent, and provide hope for a secure, peaceful future. Individual Vietnamese emerge in dramatic relief: imperious army officers; selfless patriots; concerned local leaders; parents desperate to save their children. Arguing that more attention to the needs of the people and less to military tactics might have led to a different result, Metzner fairly lays blame for hindering the progress of the pacification effort at the feet of both South Vietnamese and American military leaders. Through his own experiences, he demonstrates that those involved at a grass-roots level accomplished a great deal that was never accurately reflected in reports on the war.

"Hundreds of books have been written about the American experience in Viet-Nam, however, few have been written about the advisory effort in general and the pacification effort specifically. Col. Metzner's book does an excellent job in filling this gap."?Military: The Press of Freedom, May, 1997

". . . a clear and honest description and evaluation of a cooperative program by the United States and Vietnam that was almost never reported in the media. . . . Colonel Metzner gives a very frank and well-organized explanation of the program. . . . Colonel Metzner is a gifted writer and his book tells an important part of our history, which certainly needed telling. It gives us a reason to be proud of the work done by the Pacification program."?Purple Heart Magazine, rec'd Aug. 1997

". . . a major Vietnam literature contribution. Metzner plainly highlights the problems of advising a foreign army and its people, . . . The lessons he identifies are valuable for the US military in any future advisory effort."?Military Review, May/June 1997

EDWARD P. METZNER served four tours of duty in the pacification program and is the American most decorated by the Republic of Vietnam. He is now coordinator of employment programs for the Private Industry Council, County of Monterey, California.

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