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CIB Media's selection of documentary American military UNIT and CAMPAIGN history books and videos is one of the largest available anywhere: Army and Marine Corps division histories; Bomb Group and Fighter Group histories; Naval Warfare and Warship histories; Histories of America's major campaigns in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, we are adding new titles weekly.


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THE LAST DAYS OF WWII. 2-DVD set. THE HISTORY CHANNEL presents three stellar documentaries. From decisive ground battles to what the Axis powers might have unleashed given just a little more time. 4-1/2 hours.

Click to EnlargeTHE LAST DAYS OF WORLD WAR II. 2-DVD Set. 4-hours, 39-minutes total. September 9, 1945 finally saw an end to the deadliest war the world has ever known. But before it was over, German U-boats would advance as far as the coast of Maine to sink an American Navy vessel, the Japanese would hatch a wicked plot to unleash biological warfare on California and the Nazis would attempt to develop secret weapons to turn the tide – right up to the moment of their defeat. THE HISTORY CHANNEL and A&E Home Video examines the incredible last months of World War II and the stunning revelations of the war's complex aftermath with THE LAST DAYS OF WORLD WAR II.

Featuring the Emmy-Nominated Documentary, “The Last Days of WWII,” as Well as the Compelling “USS Eagle 56: Accident or Target?” and “Last Secrets of the Axis” from The History Channel®.

THE LAST DAYS OF WORLD WAR II DVD set includes two additional, full-length documentaries that further examine the origins of the improbable Axis alliance:

“USS Eagle 56: Accident or Target?” This documentary explores the sinking of a World War I era sub chaser that was towing a target for torpedo bomber practice when it was sunk on April 23, 1945 by a U-Boat -- two weeks shy of the Germans' surrender. Perhaps more bizarre than the enemy so close to American shores is the U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry's ruling that the ship's loss was the result of an boiler room accident, not hostile action. “USS Eagle 56: Accident or Target?” investigates that long-ago day with the help of some of the survivors and chronicles the chain of events that led to an unprecedented move in June 2001, when the U.S. Navy Secretary reversed the original decision and declared that the Eagle had indeed been sunk by a German submarine. (45 minutes)

“Last Secrets of the Axis”. This program explores the remarkable historical confluence that led to the rise of German-Japanese cooperation. At the heart of story is Karl Haushofer, a geography professor, and the man who coined the term "geopolitics". The program explores the professor's convoluted role, following him from the origins of the Third Reich to the Nuremberg Trials. “Last Secrets of the Axis”also reveals details of several overlooked engagements, including a coup in Iraq backed by German and Italian forces, as well as Japan's intent to wage biological warfare on the California coast! (94 minutes)

Coupled with in-depth interviews from the 20th century's foremost experts, rare birds-eye footage of the Allied assault on Germany and an inside looks at what the Axis powers might have unleashed given just a little more time, THE LAST DAYS OF WORLD WAR II is an indispensable addition to any war or history buff's home entertainment collection.

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