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USS INTREPID (CV-11/CVA-11/CVS-11) AIRCRAFT CARRIER, THE 'FIGHTING I' ILLUSTRATED HISTORY. Includes all of her KIAs in WWII and the Vietnam War. A magnificent extra large commemorative anniversary volume.

Click to EnlargeUSS Intrepid won fame in the Pacific in World War II as the "Fighting I." She survived numerous kamikaze and bomb hits. The carrier fought in the Battle for Leyte Gulf in October 1944. Her combat record includes the sinking of two Japanese battleships and numerous other vessels, as well as the destruction of more than 600 enemy aircraft. Intrepid served three combat tours off Vietnam and twice as NASA Prime Recovery Ship for the manned space program. She was decommissioned in 1974, but was assigned by Congress as the Bicentennial Exposition Ship at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in 1975-76.

Follow along in this illustrated history, the story of one of the Navy's most famous aircraft carriers. Written by Anthony F. Zollo, who served aboard the Intrepid in WWII, this book covers everything from its commissioning in 1943, its service in WWII and Vietnam, to its service today as an air and space museum.

USS Intrepid embarked on her second career as a sea air space museum in New York City in 1982. On her flight deck are more than 30 aircraft representing all of the U.S. armed services as well as British, French and Soviet jet fighters. This collection features an A-12 blackbird flown by the CIA throughout the Cold War. Permanent and rotating exhibits on Intrepid's hangar deck depict the past, present and future of military technology. Other displays honor all who have served this nation in uniform. USS Intrepid is a National Historic Landmark.

* August 16, 1943: Commissioned CV-11.
* December 3, 1943: Sailed for Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal and San Francisco.
* January-February, 1944: Participated in the Marshall Islands invasion.
* February 1944: Participated in raid on Truk.
* February 17, 1944: Damaged by Japanese aerial torpedo.
* September-October 1944: Participated in attacks on invasion of the Palaus.
* Strikes against the Philippines, Formosa, and Okinawa.
* Operated out of Utilic fleet anchorage in the Carolinas as unit of Task Force 38.
* October 24, 25, 26, 1944: Participated in Battle of Leyte Gulf.Helped sink the super-battleship Musashi.
* October 30, 1944: Hit by kamikaze--slight damage.
* November 25, 1944: Hit by two kamikazes--heavily damaged.
* March 1945: Strikes against Tokyo and Okinawa. Near miss by a Japanese heavy bomber kamikaze.
* April 6, 1945: Helped sink the Japanese super-battleship Yamato.
* April 16, 1945: Damaged during invasion by kamikaze attack off Okinawa.
* August-December 1945: Policed the coasts of China and Korea, aiding in repatriation of Allied POW.
* December 1945: Arrived back in the United States after Japan occupation duty.
* 1946: Put in reserve at San Francisco.
* October 1954: Completed modernization
* 1955-1962: Operated in the Mediterranean with the Sixth Fleet.
* 1956: Refitted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Angled deck added.
* May 24, 1962: Served as Recovery Ship for Mercury VII space capsule
* March 23, 1965: Acts as Recovery Ship for Gemini III space capsule
* May 1966-1968: Served with the Pacific Fleet off Vietnam in three combat cruises.
* 1974: Decommissioned at Quonset Point R.I.
* July 1982: Opens as the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York City.

Excellent photos from the National Archives allow you to see what happened first hand! Features color photos of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum with the New york skyline as a backdrop, as well as ship restoration pictures. A map of Intrepid Active duties adorn the end sheets with an aerial view of the museum featured on the back. A magnificent extra large commemorative anniversary volume with 336 pages, 9" x 12" Hardbound with superb artwork of the Fighting I in combat on the glossy color.

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