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CIB Media's selection of documentary American military UNIT and CAMPAIGN history books and videos is one of the largest available anywhere: Army and Marine Corps division histories; Bomb Group and Fighter Group histories; Naval Warfare and Warship histories; Histories of America's major campaigns in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, we are adding new titles weekly.


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VIETNAM COMBAT. REVISED! 3-DVD Gift Box Set. This 6-hour video saga covers from Dien Bien Phu to the fall of Saigon. Some of this footage was intended to be see only by commanders & combat troops. ARMY-USMC-NAVY-USAF

Click to EnlargeVIETNAM COMBAT. 3-DVD Gift Box Set. A Long & Brutal War; Helicopter War; Grunt's War; The Air Force; Marines; Navy; Vietnam's History Of Resistance; VC/NVA; Anti-War Movement and much more!

For decades, war in Vietnam was the central drama on the stage of Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese had fought the Japanese and French Colonial troops to a standstill. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were prepared to fight a war for total liberation. The United States had become involved to save the Government of South Vietnam from destruction by what was seen as part of a monolithic communist plot to take over the world. Yet American actions and policies failed to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people.

This was an intensely publicized war, the first television war that came roaring into the living rooms of America every night. Eventually, the negative side of the war spilled over into America, touching off a wave of protest and provoking a crisis of social upheaval that rocked the foundation of American society. Few Americans who lived through these times will ever forget this period of drastic change, especially the veterans of this long and brutal conflict whose stories are featured in this series.

Their stories will give you an inside view of everyday life and death on the battlefields of war torn Vietnam. This is a story of personal heroism and sacrifice, set against the backdrop of one of the most controversial wars of our time. This is Vietnam Combat. This new 6-hour video saga covers from Dien Bien Phu to the fall of Saigon. Some of this footage was intended to be see only by commanders and combat troops. Army, Navy, Riverine, Marine, Airforce. Support Units. Infantry, armored cavalry, special forces, signal corps, medics, combat engineers, air cavalry. Combat film reports, live newsreel-type stories, captured NVA film and interviews. Gripping first-person accounts and interviews give you an inside view of everyday life and death in Vietnam, and of personal sacrafice and heroism in one of the most controversial conflicts in American history. 3-video DVD gift box set.

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