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CIB Media's selection of documentary American military UNIT and CAMPAIGN history books and videos is one of the largest available anywhere: Army and Marine Corps division histories; Bomb Group and Fighter Group histories; Naval Warfare and Warship histories; Histories of America's major campaigns in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, we are adding new titles weekly.


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U.S. AIR FORCE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA & VIETNAM: -DVD-AIR AND GROUND SUPPORT. Five Official US Gov't Films on One DVD. The most comprehensive study of the varied air and ground USAF aspects in Vietnam operations we've seen!

Click to EnlargeU.S. Air Force in Southeast Asia / Vietnam War: Air and Ground Support. Superb air and ground footage shows the Vietnam War as the USAF personnel experienced it. Five films:
[1] The U.S. AIR FORCE IN VIETNAM. This is the authoritative outline of Air Force activities and operations during the U.S. buildup in Vietnam. Its dominant focus: the tactical and pyschological aspects of the air war over Vietnam.

[2] ANOTHER DAY OF WAR. From bitter combat to the ho-hum of daily routine, this unusual segment takes apart a day in the life of the American Air Force personnel in Vietnam operations: air & ground warfare, air rescue, flight line activities, food service, civic action programs and much more.

[3] AIR FORCE LOGISTICS IN SE ASIA. The Air Force logistics and maintenance system in Vietnam ws remarkably efficient. Thanks to the labors of thousands of ground personnel, our aircraft were available for combat missions in all weather. This is the story of the 'unsung' but vitally important men of the Air Force in Vietnam.

[4] TAC (Tactical Air Command)IN ACTION. The USAF Tactical Air Command is a key element in our ability to respond to threat to our country. Beginning with footage on TACs' role during the Cuban Missile Crisis, this film concentrates on the assault airlifts and aerial fire power in the initial buildup in SE Asia.

[5] KHE SANH, VICTORY FOR AIR POWER. January to April 1968. Without airsupport, the battle for Khe Sanh may have been lost. Includes great combat action of supply airlifts & medical evac's under heavy enemy fire.

A video history of Americans in Vietnam featuring some of the most remarkable combat footage ever filmed. These videos are specially packaged for C.I.B. MEDIA with 3 to 7 films per video. These exciting videos are so real you can almost smell the gunpowder, sweat and diesel fuel.

The original films are from the U.S. government?s film archives. Some films were originally made to train replacement troops on what to expect in a combat situation and to build esprit de corps within the subject unit. A few segments may have slight color fading. This video series was created using only the highest quality duplication equipment and materials. Film quality varies from fair to excellent. VHS Format available call toll free 866-242-1811

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